About CIMSability

Client Management for disability service providers in Australia is a highly specialised field. CIMSability (CIMS) is an application written by the industry, for the industry, whose origins are within the Australian sector.

Our mission is to be the leading provider of disability services business management applications in Australia. We understand service providers look for an overall investment in their software that offers not only value for money but also an improvement in the way business is conducted, day to day. With that thought in mind, CIMS and CIMSability Enterprise delivers a solution that empowers organisations to simplify administration and remove barriers to timely government requirements which ultimately provides them with the tools to better support their clients.

The vision behind the CIMS application was that of the Mai-Wel Group www.maiwel.com.au , following the acknowledgement of the need to advance the client management administration within their organisation in 2004. In 2005, Liveware Solutions www.liveware.com.au  became the software development partner to develop the application and provide ongoing support to its users. When you become a CIMSability client we focus on building a lasting relationship and ensure that the integration of our software into your business is a success. This means:

  • We provide detailed training to give you the expert skills necessary to derive the greatest benefit from CIMSability
  • CIMSability is backed by Liveware Solutions customer service resources including an application support team
  • The CIMS software is built on the latest Microsoft.NET™ and SQL™ Server platforms that is designed to scale to an office environment like yours while maintaining optimum performance and reliability
  • A commitment to working with the market leaders to shape the future of Disability Services software solutions. As part of the Microsoft® Partner Network, Liveware Solutions has access to the latest technologies and information