ADE Suite

Our ADE Suite comprises of key functionality required for Australian Business Enterprises; the recording and reporting of support evidence as required by FaHCSIA (DMI) and a Wage Assessment Tool.

DMI Evidence

CIMSability allows staff to easily collect evidence within the DMI Domains. The use of configurable ‘shortcut notes’ maintains the consistency of evidence across your support team as well as making the collection process accurate and efficient.

It takes only seconds to record valuable DMI Evidence. With the click of the mouse staff can record the date, the business unit and the support provided as well as having the ability to add ‘Flags’ to evidence to highlight the information to all users.

Collected evidence can be easily analysed to create the required DMI Summary Report. A key feature of CIMSability is that previously submitted reports can be used for comparison to future reports, creating consistency and accountability in the reporting process.

This functionaility is invaluable when submitting DMI reports and when providing evidence during audits.


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Biz Serv Evidence               Biz Serv Comparison Report
Biz Serv Evidence Participant Comparison Report


Wage Assessment Tool

The CIMSability Wage Assessment Tool  is based on the approved Mai-Wel Group methodology. Competency and Productivity Assessments are carried out and results are entered into CIMSability. The score & calculation is then quickly and automatically carried out by CIMSability producing an accurate Wage Level.

The CIMSability Wage Assessment Tool is extremely practical and can be adjusted to any workplace. The interface is simple and easy-to-use which means the time staff take to score and calculate an employee’s wage is dramatically reduced. Unlike manual and spread sheet based calculations, providers can be confident in the validity of the scores and calculations.

How does the CIMSability Wage Assessment Tool operate?

  • Skills are identified for each job role followed by the performance criteria for each task as per the business outlet. Benchmarks, based on capable employees are then entered.
  • An alpha scale is entered into CIMSability with corresponding point scores.
  • Current Minimum Award Wage Levels are entered into CIMSability.
  • The Wage Assessment is conducted by a qualified person.
  • The results of the Wage Assessment are entered into CIMSability along with the hours the employee works.
  • CIMSability automatically provides the score and wage calculation for each employee. This score can be recalculated if an employee is deemed to be granted a wage higher than the set minimum wage.
    Previous Wage Assessments can also be copied and edited for the next assessment.


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Client Wage Assessment