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NDS CEO Conference, Sydney 7 - 8 December, 2015


The CIMSability Enterprise team will be exhibiting at this year’s NDS CEO Conference being held at the Hilton Hotel Sydney, 7th and 8th December, 2015. The NDIS is more than just Clusters and Service Items, it's a paradigm change requiring an Information Managment System capable of delivering a 'whole organisation' approach. CIMSability Enteprise, in partnership with Microsoft®, is the one solution, by the one vendor, capable of enabling everyone within a disability service provider to collaborate on a single platform.

Come and have a chat to our team about CIMSability Enterprise! We look forward to seeing you at the conference.

CIMSability 2015 has been released!




We are excited to announce CIMSability 2015 has been released to our current client base with a large uptake. CIMSability2015 is not simply an update, it's a 1/4 million dollar rebuild of the entire application from platform to interface. This includes:

  • A revamped modern interface (including your organisations colour scheme and logo/branding)
  • Supports major browsers
  • The introduction of a Role Centre
  • The ability to export grids straight to excel
  • Additional grid filtering 
  • Ability to have multiple pages open at once
  • User can personalise view using tab expand and collapse buttons
  • Attach images to progress notes to create a progress gallery for the client
  • Improved usability in areas e.g. consolidation of program and service history 
  • Ability to configure Risk Profile Template Fields
  • Additional Change Logs
  • Ability to forward reminders to email
  • Introduction of a Tour Bus (manual/training log)
  • Change field names, order or remove with less development time   
  • No save button – once the cell is exited data is committed to database
  • Inbuilt report writer
  • The CIMSability Rostering module has had a substantial functionality boost

Thank You!




Thank you to all who attended the Collaboration, Productivity Advantage in the NDIS Era roadshow in the various locations.  An insight to the changing requirements under the NDIS was provided to those that attended which lead to many and varied discussions....

Invite: Collaboration, Productivity & Competitive Advantage in the NDIS Era


The NDIS is more than just the addition of Clusters & Service Items, it’s a paradigm change towards a market driven industry…requiring a commercial Management Information System (MIS) response (CRM & ERP).

The CIMSability Enterprise team is embarking on a roadshow that will provide CEO’s and CFO’s a clear understanding how to formulate your Management Information System (MIS) strategy. Service providers need more than just invoicing service items and the ability to ‘export’ data for manipulation or integration, they require a genuine collaboration between Client Management and Financial System; an end to end process flow… e.g.  ‘Rostering > Time Sheets (incl. Award Interpretation) > Payroll. Glenn Walker; Senior Project Manager for Disability Services will present a strategic overview with ‘deep dive’ in key areas. You will hear what is happening in the NDIS active zones and how organisations within these areas have adapted to the NDIS Era via CIMSability Enterprise.

Roadshow locations and dates include:

  • Adelaide 14th April 2015
  • Melbourne 21st April 2015
  • Ballarat 22nd April 2015
  • Hobart 21st May 2015
  • Sydney 1st June 2015
  • Coffs Harbour 2nd June 215
  • Canberra 3rd June 2015

For more information or if you would like to attend an event please phone 1300 80 10 27 or email Bookings are essential!

NDS QLD State Conference 30 - 31 March, 2015


One solution, one vendor, one phone call...

This year the CIMSability Team are heading to the NDS QLD State Conference at the Brisbane Convention Centre 30th and 31st March, 2015. The NDIS is a huge change for the industry who until recently was predominantly paper based or only had basic client management systemised. By working closely with our client base and especially those located within NDIS zones, we understand the diverse and complex nature of the NDIS administration requirements. Come and have a chat to the NDIS aminstration specialists (Booth 19).

NDS NSW State Conference 16 - 17 February, 2015


The complete Disability Services solution powered by Microsoft  

Through years of industry experience we have seen many changes within the disability service industry but without a doubt the most significant to date is the NDIS. With 500 days and counting come and speak with the CIMSability team (Booth 23) who will be exhibting at this years NSW NDS State conference held at the Hilton in Sydney 16th and 17th February.

Welcome Anne!


Unsure how to transition your organisation to an electronic NDIS administration? The CIMSability team is excited to announce that Anne Hodgson, (formerly of The Mai-Wel Group) has joined our team in the role of Change Management Specialist.

Organisations will need to be culturally and process ready for a CIMSability Enterprise deployment and it will be Anne’s role to work with management and staff to achieve this. Anne has over 20 years in the disability service industry, is well respected and brings with her a wealth of knowledge and passion. Anne has spent her life time in disability services at the coal face and retains a unique perspective on how to approach the challenge of driving change and adoption.

Anne leaves The Mai-Wel Group knowing that their successful transition to the NDIS is now possible via a full CIMSability Enterprise deployment.

CIMSability 2015 is coming!


A comprehensive platform update to the entire CIMSability application will be made available in 2015!  This will include a revamped modern interface, new menus and layouts an array of operational  enhancements and new functionality. CIMSability 2015 will also be cross browser compatible and will  continue to be easily operated and straightforward for users.

We look forward to showing you CIMSability 2015!

NDS CEO Conference, Melbourne 8 - 9 December, 2014


The CIMSability Enterprise team will be exhibiting at this year’s NDS CEO Conference being held at the Hilton Hotel Melbourne on the 8th and 9th December. Come and have a try of CIMSXpress, have a peak at the NEW interface or just come and have a chat to our team about all things CIMS! Of course if you are not attending this year’s conference and would like to know more about anything CIMS we are always happy to have a chat.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference!

CIMSability Enterprise Portal Options


CIMSability Enterprise clients can now option in a variety of intranet / internet portals. These portals allow the dissemination of information throughout the organisation at a fraction of the cost of mainstream licensing. Portals are an extremely efficient means of bringing all within the organisation into the administration further eliminating duplication via easy to use portal interfaces including:

Timesheet Portal:

  • Staff are able to electronically enter and submit timesheets for approval
  • Supervisors are able to review and accept/ reject timesheet submissin
  • End-to-end integration to payroll

Human Resources Portal:

  • View and update their personal contact details
  • View and update their qualifications, confidential information and next of kin
  • View and attach notes and documents to their employee file
  • View their current remuneration and entitlement balances
  • Access, print and email their pay advices
  • Submit leave requests including attaching doctors’ certificates for personal leave

Purchasing Portal:

  • Employees can submit and monitor their expense claims (including electronic approvals and the ability to take a photo of their reciept using their device)

Client Portal:

  • The CIMSability Enterprise product management team is currently engaged with existing clients assessing the specifications for a Client Portal i.e. allowing external access to data contained within both the CIMSability and Microsoft Dynamics® NAV databases.

NOTE: The limitation is not the technology – the challenge is in negotiating and determining the precise requirements and functionality of such a portal. As the legislation unfolds and the requirements become clearer we look forward to firming our design and product offering. In the interim clients wishing to engage their own customised client portal project will be fully supported.

NDS VIC State Conference, Melbourne 14 – 15 July, 2014


We are excited to announce that The CIMSability Team will be exhibiting at the NDS VIC State Conference in Melbourne!  If you or a colleague are attending the Conference at the Pullman, Melbourne come and say hello to our experienced consultants and have a hands on experience with CIMSXpress!

We look forward to seeing you at the conference!

NDIA Portal Integration


NDIA released their specifications for the NDIS Bulk Claim just prior to Christmas. Liveware is pleased to release the NDIA Bulk Update file feature for Microsoft Dynamics® NAV as part of Liveware CIMSability Enterprise solution. Microsoft Dynamics® NAV stores all relevant data for the upload:

  • NDIA Units of Measure
  • NDIA service provider code
  • NDIA service provider authorisation code
  • NDIA client ID
  • Supports NDIA one or two step approval process

The NDIA Export Bulk Update is entirely editable up until the point where the NDIA has accepted the entire submission, minimising re-work and ensuring all claims are secured in an efficient and timely manor.

NDS NSW State Conference, Sydney 10-11 February, 2014


At this year's NSW State conference, the CIMSability team will be showcasing CIMSXpress! If you or a colleague are attending make sure you visit the CIMSability Enterprise booth to experience CIMSXpress live. CIMSXpress is a lightweight and flexible live web application that simply requires an internet connection in order for staff to receive the benefit of CIMS while in the field.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference.

CIMSXpress is here!


At this year's National Disability Services CEO Meeting at the Sofitel Sydney on 4th and 5th  December, CIMSability will be launching the very first tablet version of CIMSability; CIMSXpress!

Support staff will now be able to access and utilises specific Client Data from CIMSability on a tablet device whilst providing support out-and-about. Our client base has been invaluable during the development phase to ensure that CIMSXpress encompasses all data and functionality requirements for their staff that don’t have regular access to CIMS on a desktop computer. Functionality includes:

  • Basic Client Information
  • Progress Notes (including voice to text!)
  • The ability to take photos of Clients utilising the tablets camera
  • Access to Reminders
  • The ability to view the Clients current Risk Profile and Plan
  • And more…

CIMSXpress is a lightweight and flexible live web application that simply requires an internet connection in order for staff to receive the benefit of CIMS while in the field.

For an interactive experience “Come and Xpress yourself” at the CIMSXpress hub at this year’s conference.

Is your oganisation ready for the NDIS administrative requirements?


The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) transforms the way services are funded and delivered, challenging conventional administration practices and applications. For service providers to function, software applications must cater for the new administrative requirements.

CIMSability is Australia’s leading commercially available disability client information management system (CIMS) and is well established in the sector. Delivering a fully integrated financials solution has been our vision.

Our core activity is managing Microsoft® Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) projects. Over the past twelve months we have worked with clients in the NDIS trial zone with both CIMSability and Microsoft Dynamics® NAV to finalise requirements for an integrated administration featuring the NDIS framework; CIMSability Enterprise.

For more detailed information on CIMSability Enterprise, please visit

CEO Conference 2013, Sydney 4-5 December 2013


If you or a colleague are attending the National Disability Services CEO Conference at the Sofitel, Sydney, come and say hello to one of our experienced consultants or if you would like an in-depth demonstration of CIMSability, please email and the CIMSability team will allocate an appropriate time.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference.

Trial Zone organisation completes DisabilityCare Australia administration with CIMSability Enterprise


The last eight weeks has been a focal point for the solution as DisabilityCare Australia released its portal to organisations within the trial zone. We have been working with our client in the trial zone to complete their  administrations cycles from Progress Notes Entry with Cluster/ Service Item through to claim submission to DisabilityCare Australia.  The process of entry into the DisabilityCare Australia Portal is manual at this stage however we are looking forward to Disability Care Australia releasing its integration specification so we can automate the process. For a full step by step overview of the process our updated White Paper is a must read.