Client Management for disability service providers in Australia is a highly specialised field. CIMSability (CIMS) is an application written by the industry, for the industry, whose origins are within the Australian sector.


At the core of CIMSability is the Foundation Module

CIMSability includes all key client management functions; client details, progress notes, client plans, client risk profiles etc. and has additional modules for tablet use as well as Incident Module and Rostering modules.

In keeping up with the changes CIMSability released the following inclusions as the industry moved towards NDIS which will assist your organisation in capturing support time within the NDIA Support Categories and Service Item framework which form the basis of your payment claims to the NDIA.

These features include:

  • Master Service Item Configuration; the ability to configure a Selection List in the Configure Tab for NDIA Support Categories and Service Items for which your organisation has been approved.
  • Client Service Item Configuration; the Service Items that your clients have been approved to receive from your organisation can be added to a new ‘NDIS Service Items’ grid on their Summary Tab.
  • Progress Notes Entry; The items added to the above grid will then populate a ‘Support Item’ column in the Client Progress Notes grid. When support staff enter progress notes, they will have the ability to select a Service Item with the quantity of time the support was provided for.
  • Reporting; a summary of the above data is available in a report ‘Support Time by Support Item. This report can be filtered by various criteria such as Program, Client, Dates and Support Cluster and Items. This entry/raw data will then form the basis of the NDIA payment claim. CIMSability does NOT upload claim data to the NDIA, this report should be used to facilitate data entry/integration to your accounting system. Processing NDIA claims is an invoicing administration function and it is recommended this is performed from your accounting software.


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Client Summary Page Client Progress Notes User Role Centre
Participant Summary Page

Participant Progress Notes including NDIS Code Capture

User Role Centre 
Client Risk Profile Client Plans Client Dashboard

Participant Risk Profile
(Matrix Based)
Participant Goal Plan 
Client Dashboard