At the core of CIMSability is the Foundation Module. Features Include:

  • A Comprehensive Client/Participant Database; stores and manages Participant information
  • Extensive Configuration including global terminolgy, drop down lists and page configuration 
  • Progress Notes; Participant support needs and evidence are quickly and accurately recorded inclduing NDIS Support Item Code capture
  • Reminders and Flags; alert all staff to pertinent information and assign Participant related tasks to yourself and others including email notification 
  • Document Links; scan, upload, edit and save Participant documents using the document link methodology including the user of organisational templates 
  • Security; restrict access to Participant information based on the user as well as control access to certain screens and functions of the software
  • Participant Dashboard; design your own Participant dashboards to bring pertinent data to the forefront of the user experience
  • An Advanced Search Engine; find individual records quick & easy by searching on Participant name and ID fields
  • Participant Risk Profiles; create templates for Participant Risk Profiles. Configure the overall risk based on severity & likelihood and colour code the outcomes for easy to read assessments
  • Participant Goal Plans; create your own comprehensive plans to electronically map the progress of your clients
  • Reporting; create and integrate your organisation’s reports with minimal skills plus export data to other commonly used software products such as MS Word and Excel for further use and analysis


Click on the below screen shots to enlarge:

CIMS2015 Summary 1 CIMS 2015 Progress Notes CIMS 2015 Role Centre
Participant Summary Page

Participant Progress Notes including NDIS Code Capture

User Role Centre 
CIMS 2015 Risk Profile CIMS 2015 Plan CIMS 2015 One Page Profile
Participant Risk Profile (Matrix Based) Participant Goal Plan  Participant Centred Approach (Configurable One Page Profile)