Client Management for disability service providers in Australia is a highly specialised field. CIMSability (CIMS) is an application written by the industry, for the industry, whose origins are within the Australian sector.


For NDIS organisations;

who define success through the empowerment of staff


Participant Dashboard features:

The Essential Customisable Tool in the Support Worker Toolkit:

  1. Participant Summary Data
  2. Participant Safety Plan (the essential Risk Profile to highlight alerts)
  3. Participant Noticeboard, Profile and Goals
  4. Participant Support Needs


CIMSXpress features:

  1. A simple and intuitive Tablet and Smart Phone user experience
  2. Web based application
  3. Access to the Participant Dashboard
  4. Progress Note Entry and Incident Reporting
  5. Access to Participant Reminders
  6. Client and Work Force Planning; My Roster and Shift Acceptance