Client Management for disability service providers in Australia is a highly specialised field. CIMSability (CIMS) is an application written by the industry, for the industry, whose origins are within the Australian sector.


CIMSability Enterprise's Proven Outcomes

CIMSability Enterprise achieves outcomes for NDIS providers in terms of;


  1. Business Intelligence; 
  • Various Organisations Financials Analytics
  • Participant Income & Profitability
  • Participant Utilisation (% of budgeted services consumed)
  • Service Item/ Category Profitability
  • Service Item/ category Utilisation
  • Staff Profitability

NDIS Service Item Profitability

Participant Fulfillment


  1. NDIS Portal Integration;
  • Bulk Claim Uploads integration to NDIS Portal. NDIS claims are generated at the individual Participant subledger level ensuring allocation of payments is automated.
  • Automated NDIS Payment Reconciliations for Rejections Management.


  1. NDIS Participant Financial Profiles; maintain by participant;
  • Budget                                                   (Qty, Cost, Price)
  • Actual                                                    (Qty, Cost, Price)
  • Contract Value                                       (Qty, Cost, Price)
  • Contract Value Claimed                         (Qty, Cost, Price)
  • Remaining                                             (Qty, Cost, Price)
  • Work in Progress (WIP)                         (Qty, Cost, Price)

WIP is essential as it allows an organisation to maintain integrity of their balance sheet/ Income statement for works performed by not claimed.


Manage Participant Profiles via a centralised Dashboard;

  1. ADE Management; Microsoft Dynamics Nav being a full ERP solution has a variety of capabilities frequency used by our ADE clients;
  • Purchase Order Management (incl. approval framework)
  • Inventory Management
  • Assembly/ Manufacturing Management
  • Job Costing/ Projects
  • Service Management

CIMSability Enterprise is the solution behind some of Australia’s largest ADE’s.

  1. Workforce Management System (WMS); what does workforce management mean to your organisation;
  • Rostering
  • Timesheeting/ Award Interpretation
  • Payroll

CIMSability Enterprise offers the complete WMS including automated Participant NDIS billing from rosters.

       6. Integrations; Have existing systems that need to form part of the solution? CIMSability Enterprise contains API’s for rapid integration to almost any system including a number of off the shelf industry application integrations.