CIMSability Enterprise's Proven Outcomes

CIMSability Enterprise achieves outcomes for NDIS providers in terms of;


  1. Business Intelligence; 
  • Various Organisations Financials Analytics
  • Participant Income & Profitability
  • Participant Utilisation (% of budgeted services consumed)
  • Service Item/ Category Profitability
  • Service Item/ category Utilisation
  • Staff Profitability

NDIS Service Item Profitability

Participant Fulfillment


  1. NDIS Portal Integration;
  • Bulk Claim Uploads integration to NDIS Portal. NDIS claims are generated at the individual Participant subledger level ensuring allocation of payments is automated.
  • Automated NDIS Payment Reconciliations for Rejections Management.


  1. NDIS Participant Financial Profiles; maintain by participant;
  • Budget                                                   (Qty, Cost, Price)
  • Actual                                                    (Qty, Cost, Price)
  • Contract Value                                       (Qty, Cost, Price)
  • Contract Value Claimed                         (Qty, Cost, Price)
  • Remaining                                             (Qty, Cost, Price)
  • Work in Progress (WIP)                         (Qty, Cost, Price)

WIP is essential as it allows an organisation to maintain integrity of their balance sheet/ Income statement for works performed by not claimed.


Manage Participant Profiles via a centralised Dashboard;

  1. ADE Management; Microsoft Dynamics Nav being a full ERP solution has a variety of capabilities frequency used by our ADE clients;
  • Purchase Order Management (incl. approval framework)
  • Inventory Management
  • Assembly/ Manufacturing Management
  • Job Costing/ Projects
  • Service Management

CIMSability Enterprise is the solution behind some of Australia’s largest ADE’s.

  1. Workforce Management System (WMS); what does workforce management mean to your organisation;
  • Rostering
  • Timesheeting/ Award Interpretation
  • Payroll

CIMSability Enterprise offers the complete WMS including automated Participant NDIS billing from rosters.

       6. Integrations; Have existing systems that need to form part of the solution? CIMSability Enterprise contains API’s for rapid integration to almost any system including a number of off the shelf industry application integrations.