Client Management for disability service providers in Australia is a highly specialised field. CIMSability (CIMS) is an application written by the industry, for the industry, whose origins are within the Australian sector.


You Asked... We Answered

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CYAWA AUG 18 - How do we best manage Participant Risk Profiles?

CYAWA AUG 18 - How do we ensure our Staff are aware of all the risks associated with supporting our Participants?

CYAWA AUG 18 - How do I manage updating/overriding a Participant Risk Profile with existing Risk Areas and Categories as I don’t want to lose historical information?

CYAWA AUG 18 - How do we manage when Participant NDIS Plan end dates are due?

CYAWA SEPT 18 - How can we guide the support staff to write quality, evidence based progress notes that relates to the service delivered against a specific NDIS Support Item and Participant Goals?

CYAWA SEPT 18 - How can I efficiently communicate rostered shifts to support workers without having to call or email the staff to confirm?

CYAWA SEPT 18 - How can we efficiently manage our Workforce Leave Types and Declined Shifts/No Shows/Unavailability’s?

CYAWA SEPT 18 - We don’t utilise the Reports Module even though I know we should. What reports should I run and when should I run them?

CYAWA OCT 18 - Do your Staff understand the Role Centre Queue functionality and your organisational processes in relation to the Role Centre Queue?

CYAWA OCT 18 - How can I document and prompt myself or other staff of tasks to be completed for individual Participants?

CYAWA OCT 18 - If a certain aspect of Client support needs to be reviewed on a recurrent basis can I create a recurring Reminder? Is there a report to help look up Reminders that have been created in CIMS?

CYAWA OCT 18 - What is the most effective way to format our organisational user guide’s?

CYAWA OCT18 - Will the CIMSability Enterprise team be attending this year’s NDS CEO Conference in Melbourne?

CYAWA NOV 18 - How do Staff enter progress notes efficiently whilst ensuring the correct data for NDIS claiming is captured?

CYAWA NOV 18 - When will the next CIMS release that includes the Claim Type and Cancellation Reason fields be made available?

CYAWA NOV 18 - Do you have a User/Staff Onboarding and Offboarding process documented Part 1?

CYAWA DEC 18 - Do you have a User/Staff Onboarding and Offboarding process documented Part 2?

CYAWA FEB 19 - Can we change the CIMSability Skin colour and how do I submit a request for service

CYAWA MAR 19 - How can I use CIMS to distribute organisation or program level related communication or instructions?

CYAWA APR 19 - We have our NDIS Practice Standards audit coming up, what areas of CIMS functioniality should we be reviewing?

CYAWA MAY 19 - Can you share some report filters to help us improve our report management?

CYAWA MAY 19 - How can I search for keywords in CIMSability reports?

CYAWA JUN 19 - Acknowledgement of PENDING NDIS Price Update for CIMSability Enterprise

CYAWA JUN 19 - Acknowledgment of released NDIS Price Update for CIMSability Enterprise

CYAWA JUN 19 - NDIS Price Update Master Support Item and Job Template Update

CYAWA JULY 19 - Shortcut Note Ideas

CYAWA AUG 19 - NDIS Plan End Date Management

CYAWA OCT 19 - 7.0 Release Announcement


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